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I love that the information is helpful for real life application! And the workouts are AWESOME!




I love that's it's a one stop shop for all my meathead and hippie wants and needs. A little bit a workouts and weights and a whole lot of woo-woo magic. <3

- kat



So much information put together in way we can apply to real life. The recipes, supplements, workouts are all amazing.




I love that everything is easily accessible and in one place. Motivation, inspiration, and a community of like-minded individuals are right at your fingertips.




I love that it motivates me to be happy and healthy. The focus isn't about "how to lose weight" but with easy to follow recipes, supplements, workouts, even text messages...it makes me want to be a better me! It's about emotional and physical wellbeing not obsessing over a number on the scale.




I love that it's something to indulge in. When I download the magazine on my phone or tablet, I like to make a cup of tea and slowly go through it for a bit. It's relaxing and informative and is now one of my favorite ways to treat myself. The discounts and bonuses that come with it are also a nice perk :)




I love the motivation Em gives and that she tells it like it is! EMPRESS has so much good information that really anyone could use.




EMPRESS is the all in one I’ve been looking for! Recipes, workouts, supplement spotlights and so much more all in one place from a trusted source. I absolutely love the audio clips, they add such a personal touch and the trial of strength programs is such a great way to test the waters. The discounts alone make it worth every penny. I am so excited to see how EMPRESS continues to grow!




EMPRESS is educational, inspirational and full of fun and interesting content. I look forward to reading every month!




I love all the knowledge it includes, that each month has a new focus, and that it’s all so relevant! 




EMPRESS is what I didn’t know I needed in my life! It provides a good basis on what to focus on for the month. In trying to be a better and good human from inside out it can be overwhelming all the information that is available. I love that it touches on different aspects of your life.




EMPRESS is a one-stop shop for all things health, wellness, nutrition, and empowerment. Not only is it educational, it is beautiful and an inspirational powerhouse. Plus, each issue brings amazing discounts and a trial strength program- that alone is worth the cost!




I love the how much I’ve learned from herbs and supplements, to challenges and astrology! It’s seriously the ultimate meathead hippie adventure.




Love the way it looks stimulating pleasing to the eye. Motivation is key with like minded strong women! Poetic. Artistic. Reminder to BE YOU!




EMPRESS is the collection of all things wellness...  backed by heart and knowledge that we can actually trust! I look forward to it every month. 




I love the information given on supplements and herbs because I really lack that knowledge. I also love the inspiration quotes given in the texts we receive. It always comes at the right time.




If you are asking about what I love about Empress the real question is what do I not love? I love everything about this publication. It is a wonderful balance between education, empowerment, personal balance, and meathead-ness. I feel better about all aspects of life after reading EMPRESS and it reminds me that I myself am a bad ass empress!




Oh, what isn't there to love?! It is a one stop shop for all things Em; resources, information, brilliant interviews and articles, and a giant sense of community that you have been able to maintain throughout this entire journey of yours. 




Love everything about empress , is like having em at ours fingertips..all in one place..so much to indulge on...




Love the diversity of information in one place !!!! 💜💜💜




I love empress because it is all around holistic life and health all in one place. It's educational and motivational 




 EMPRESS is the Bible for all things Emily, and that's what I love about it! ❤️




I love that everything is in one place! It’s easy to learn new things and find what you are looking for!




If my work day was stressful I can always find a silver lining in the Empress.




Such a variety of information and beautifully assembled. A pleasure for the eyes and the mind!




It’s aesthetically pleasing & beautifully put together. My favorite things so far are the coach tips, the rue (teach me all the plants and herbs!!!!) and all the nerding out over supplements / nutrients. March was extra special for me because of the astrology focus. I’m a moon / planet / woo lover and was giddy to open this month and see that focus. Overall it’s a brilliant publication and I have thoroughly enjoyed every page of every edition thus far. Thank you Emily and team 😘




EMPRESS makes me feel like Emily is an actual friend and that she is personally invested in making sure that my life changes for the better. That is how much her soul shines through this project! 💜💜💜




It's the publication that keeps on giving! From the workouts, recipes, discounts, there is a little bit of everything for everyone. I love the way it is it thoughtfully designed from cover to cover, truly taking you on a journey from start to finish. ❤